Premium Deluxe 2 Day All Inclusive Package
Includes: Baby Picture Slideshow, Rehearsal Dinner Footage, Pre-Wedding, Ceremony, Post Photo Session, Reception, Music Video Finale
  1. Baby Picture Slideshow: 80-100 photos scanned, edited, and digitally mastered to DVD for playing at the rehearsal dinner.  
  2. 3-4 hours of coverage of the rehearsal dinner. Includes cocktails, video, interviews, and toasts. Video will be edited and digitally mastered to DVD.
  3. Wedding Day: Unlimited time to document your special day. We shoot photo sessions, conduct interviews with the wedding party, and videotape other behind the scenes events.
  4. The entire ceremony is videotaped regardless of length.
  5. We document the photo session immediately following the ceremony and edit to music.
  6. Unlimited time to videotape the reception. We stay until new couple leaves for the evening.
  7. Includes a special ending montage of wedding highlights edited to a song selected by the bride.
  8.   Nine edited versions of both the wedding and rehearsal dinner, included in a 2 disc boxed set. DVD's will be digitally mastered and have enhanced interactive menus.

Wedding Video Packages